Corporate Finance

We help businesses at every stage of growth and change. We understand the complexity of acquiring, restructuring or disposing of a business. We work closely with our clients undergoing such development phases and offer sound advice throughout the process.

Our services can be tailored to a specific transaction, or we can offer a fully integrated service.

We are always pleased to work alongside your other advisors, be they lawyers, wealth managers and other accountants, to achieve the most favourable outcome for you.

Mergers and Acquisitions

We will work with you to implement structural transactions to optimise your commercial, financial and tax interests. Whilst we appreciate that every transaction is unique, we can help to either acquire, merge or dispose of a business at the right time, for the right price and for the right reasons. We works closely with clients to achieve their aims.

Management Led Transactions: We have considerable experience working on Management Buy Outs, Management Buy-Ins and Buy-In Management Buy Outs (‘MBOs’, ‘MBIs’ and ‘BIMBOs’). We work closely with clients to construct solid, credible business strategies to acquire businesses and undertake strategic planning to achieve future business success alongside your teams.

Disposals: Business owners will at some stage always have to dispose of their business in some form. This could be anything from the passing down of the business to a next generation to a full trade sale. Every disposal situation is unique and we adapt our service to meet the requirements of every situation. Extracting value from an owner managed business can be challenging. Our advice is linked with innovative tax structuring ideas to help owners achieve what they deserve.

Tax Structuring

We will provide due diligence on your present tax arrangements, plus innovative, bespoke tax advice around transactions, so you can structure deals in the most effective way for tax purposes.

We advise our clients on the tax implications of their proposed transaction, from both a business and individual perspective. We support clients throughout implementation of their transaction, for maximising your tax efficiency.

Tax Due Diligence: We research all the tax implications for any proposed transaction, mitigate risks for clients and identify opportunities to improve their tax position. Our due diligence for tax can be for a single service, or form part of an integrated service with other aspects of transactions.

We can offer expertise and experience of transactional work for owner managed businesses, detailed knowledge of taxes, including Corporation Tax, CGT, (shares and securities legislation), VAT, Stamp Taxes and PAYE.

Tax Structuring: Tax structuring of any business transaction is vital and can make a significant difference to the outcome for businesses and their owners. An understanding of both sides of a transaction is key in structuring a deal which will work commercially and provide the best possible tax outcome. Our expertise and experience in structuring transactions means we can deliver innovative, bespoke tax planning solutions, either for stand along areas of service, or an integrated approach.

Valuation Services

We can provide clients with a detailed valuation service to fit the specific requirements of their situation.

Valuation Services: Businesses often require assistance in relation to the value of their business for tax or purely commercial reasons. Our service can be linked to our wider corporate finance and transaction services where a valuation is often undertaken as part of a transaction process.

Funding Advice: Every business typically requires some form of financing, be it traditional bank lending, equity injection, crowd-funding, or otherwise. We have experience in assisting clients raise finance and can tailor our service to fit your specific situation.

Financial Modelling

We design bespoke financial models that provide practical solutions for businesses and management buy-out (MBO)/management buy-in (MBI) teams, private equity firms and other financiers. The advantages of a bespoke model is that the outputs and usability is designed uniquely for your needs. These financial models have improved accuracy, flexibility to perform sensitivity analysis, have increased robustness and ensure your management team have a financial model they can rely on.

We develop solutions that not only meet immediate requirements but also deliver lasting value with many clients using them post transaction for the management and monitoring of their business.


Multidisciplinary service

We meticulously evaluate our clients’ specific requirements and develop bespoke solutions to fulfil them. By building successful and deep-rooted connections across the market, Asectra has been able to consistently provide outstanding services to its clients both locally as well as globally.

We work together to provide a multidisciplinary service to businesses that cross geographical borders through an integrated process that successfully supports the needs of today’s globally minded clients.

Local Expertise. Global Collaboration.


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Our focus is holistic; we do not just provide solutions, but we create a model that coordinates your entire business so that every piece of the puzzle fits together.