Accounting Services

We provide a range of accounting services to clients of all shapes and sizes including ambitious start-ups, established businesses looking to apply cloud based solutions, SMEs or international groups that wants to outsource their entire finance function.

You will benefit from streamlined processes, as our web-based workflow allows us to work hand-in-hand with our clients. Together we decide how and what information is captured and devise business rules and approval processes. This will maximise efficiencies, speed up processes and gives complete transparency.

The way we set up this technology makes it highly efficient and collaborative, ensuring that we can work in close partnership with you and your entire team and to make sure you have 24/7 online access to your financial information.


We offer full accounting services for businesses and organisations of all sizes. This involves recording your day-to-day financial transactions, creating and sending invoices, and maintaining your books, records and statutory accounting ledgers. We also provide the relevant accounting information for your management team to comply with HMRC requirements for tax and VAT.

Statutory Financial Statements

Whatever your financial reporting needs – whether reporting under UK GAAP (FRS 102), International Financial Reporting Standards or even US GAAP, we can help.

We will put together your year-end Statutory Financial Statements using your own accounting records or records we have prepared on your behalf. We will ensure these comply with all financial reporting standards & guidance and, in the case of limited company or limited liability partnership accounts, relevant company law. We work with you to make sure that all relevant disclosure requirements are satisfied. We can also check these are in line with your budgeting expectations and forecasts.

Your accounts will also be iXBRL tagged and fully compliant with HMRC’s submission requirements.

Our service is available for company or LLP accounts and international group. We can also act as a sounding board, advising you on the accounting, financial reporting and disclosure implications of proposed transactions before you undertake them.


We work with many large organisations requiring consolidated year-end Statutory Financial Statements that cover the income, expenditure, assets and liabilities of all the individual entities within the group. This is a legal requirement in the UK for holding companies unless the group qualifies as “small”. We ensure that your consolidated accounts comply with all the latest legislation and accounting standards.

Accounting Systems & Software

We have extensive expertise in a wide range of accounting packages and market-leading software, including desktop and cloud solutions. We can apply this expertise to help you identify the most appropriate accounting system for your business, taking account of your current resources, the level of functionality required and your potential future needs.

Once a solution is selected, we can implement it, tailoring it to your business and management requirements. Our approach includes designing charts of accounts, identifying cost centres, and establishing business rules and approval processes. If applicable, we will offer initial and ongoing training to ensure your finance personnel can always work in the most effective and efficient way, taking full advantage of any systems upgrades.

Cloud Accounting

Cloud accounting lets you and your team access your key financial information online 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We can set up a cloud-based system for your own internal accounts or finance team or as part of an accounting service that we manage on your behalf.

In line with HMRC’s introduction of the Making Tax Digital (MTD) programme, businesses are required to use accounting software that is compatible with HMRC’s online platform. Adopting a cloud solution is an ideal way to achieve this.

Management Accounting

In order to make the financial decisions that are best for your business, your management team needs the most accurate and up-to-date information available. Our clients understand that we always presents this information in a clear and straightforward way that will be helpful for you.

Grant Funding Certificates

Businesses, especially startups, are often eligible to receive grant funding from both private and public sector organisations. The financial regulations relating to grant claims are often stringent, and failure to comply can put all the funding at risk. We can help you design your systems so that your audit trail is robust, complete and secure, and that your evidence will stand up to external scrutiny.

We can also help you ensure that you manage the project outputs in line with expectations and help provide ‘early warning’ where issues may be coming to light.


Multidisciplinary service

We meticulously evaluate our clients’ specific requirements and develop bespoke solutions to fulfil them. By building successful and deep-rooted connections across the market, Asectra has been able to consistently provide outstanding services to its clients both locally as well as globally.

We work together to provide a multidisciplinary service to businesses that cross geographical borders through an integrated process that successfully supports the needs of today’s globally minded clients.

Local Expertise. Global Collaboration.


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