Business Services

Our business services are here to help you meet your organisation’s compliance & regulatory obligations and advise you when new legislation means these requirements change. We will also help you with the preparation of any specialist or industry-specific reporting.

We ensure that any financial information presented to customers, banks, shareholders, other stakeholders and potential investors are robust and conform to all relevant legislation and financial reporting standards and guidance.

The financial reports will be provided to you on a timely basis, efficiently and with minimum disruption, allowing you to get on with running your business. We will also point out issues that we come across whilst dealing with your affairs that may add value to your business.

Finance Business Partnering

We combine the financial disciplines and complete understanding of the value chain of your business; this allows us to do detailed analysis on multiple levels. In a nutshell, it’s about supporting the whole business to raise standards in key decision areas, taking forward-looking and commercial view supported by a rich consulting toolkit to help articulate different options and influence decisions.

Our service is personally tailored to you and is underpinned by our distinctive approach to Finance Business Partnering.

Business Consulting

We will help you establish where your business currently stands and where you’d like to take it. We will then help you to devise the best ways to achieve your objectives.

At the same time, we can review your personal wealth and tax situation, to ensure your personal and business goals are aligned. We will also help you build the corporate structure that is most likely to allow you to achieve them and ensure your tax burden is minimised.

IT and Systems Consulting

We are not just here to assist you with your finances and accounting. We also offer a comprehensive IT consultancy service to help you develop and implement the systems and technology that your business needs to operate efficiently and effectively.

If you are seeking new ways to optimise your organisation’s systems and processes, we offer a full range of consultancy and review services to ensure you are using your resources and financial structures to optimum effect.

Contract Support

Many business contracts you enter into or draft are connected with your organisation’s finances. We will give you and your legal team the support they need to ensure the contract terms are optimised for accounting and taxation purposes.

Finance Director

Whilst some companies choose to outsource their finance functions to us, others prefer to do it the other way around and contract in the expertise. In this instance, we provide highly-skilled specialist personnel who can become your in-house finance director.


Multidisciplinary service

We meticulously evaluate our clients’ specific requirements and develop bespoke solutions to fulfil them. By building successful and deep-rooted connections across the market, Asectra has been able to consistently provide outstanding services to its clients both locally as well as globally.

We work together to provide a multidisciplinary service to businesses that cross geographical borders through an integrated process that successfully supports the needs of today’s globally minded clients.

Local Expertise. Global Collaboration.


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Our focus is holistic; we do not just provide solutions, but we create a model that coordinates your entire business so that every piece of the puzzle fits together.